Saturday, December 22, 2007

Illustration Friday: Horizon (Wonder)

(Please click image to enlarge and view)

Illustration Friday Theme: Horizon
Title: Wonder
Artist: Debra Woolard Bender
Medium: Digital art painting & font using Paint Shop Pro
(vector and texture filters, stencilling technique; mouse as stylus )
Category: Other

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year to everyone.

DW Bender (Debi)


Forever Young said...

thanx for visiting my site,you sound like a 'young' 50 something, so you go girl, you go!

Analia Testone said...

very nice, nice colours, happy xmas!

DesigningFairy said...

this is very classy and modern. Nice.

neilornstein said...

charming and elegant

Nicole Florian said...

Nice atmosphere! Merry Christmas!

Jazmin Velasco said...

Hey, Happy Christmas, thanks for stopping by my blog!
I hope you can show us soon your prints.
I also want to start that japanese techniq. I belong to an association of printmakers and have asked this Japanese girl to teach me. Her work is amazing, google her: Nana Shiomi

Pedro de Azevedo Peres said...

Happy New Year and take a moment to consider this initiative as yours in 2008:
And please. Pass the word, we need your help and dedication.

PS: I found you in RAIM’s corner.
Sorry, but I can not resist to ask: His your daughter’s photo?

scribblesk said...

Lovely and graceful design!

Debi Bender said...

Thank you, forever young, anialia, designingfairy, neil, nicole, jazmin, pedro & scribbledesk, for visiting my blog IF art post and for making comments. I appreciate it so much!