Sunday, January 20, 2008

Illustration Friday Theme: Plain (Socks)

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Illustration Friday Theme: Plain
Artist: Debra Woolard Bender
Title: Socks
Medium: Digital
Materials: Paint Shop Pro; painted using mouse
Category: Painterly (Style: expressionism)

chill morning—
we all go to dancing
on the roof of Hell

DW Bender
haiku, January 2008
alludes to a haiku by Kobayashi Issa (1763 -1827):

yo [no] naka wa jigoku no ue no hanami kana

in this world
over Hell, we promenade,
gazing at flowers

(translation version, mine)

2 versions:

Note: It's now midweek, and judging by the number of comments, I doubt these sport and business socks are running a race for 'Most Popular Submission' on this week's Illustration Friday theme of "Plain." Socks as subject matter did give me the incentive, however, to open a separate blogsite for my IF image posts. And the socks helped to inspire a name for it, too: As of next week, MONKEY SOX will be the repository and avatar for my IF creations. 'My Hermitude' blog will now be used for postings on printmaking.


neilornstein said...

your work is delightful

Kate said...

Okay, so you probably did not intend this, but being a big White Sox fan, all I can think of is the White Sox and Red Sox. So of course this gets me excited for baseball..which I love! : )

Shiho Nakaza said...

Hi Debi,

Thanks for posting on my blog's comments and looking through the archives! I prefer the monotone gray version, though I think all three illustrate the theme well.


Larry Lee said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I left a comment last week in 'Stitch', but it didn't post.
I think I like the monochrome (gray) one best.

steve said...

Love the simplicity and style going on here. You do some very, as neil said, delightful, work.

Debi Bender said...

Thanks, neil, kate, shiho, larry and steve, for your comments on my work.

Ramakrishna said...

Nice contribution for Illustration week. Are you starting separate blog (new) for other Illustration Friday topics?. I scrolled trough all other graphics. You have unique way of presenting the themes. Delightful visit for me.