Monday, December 10, 2007

Illustration Friday: Little Things (L'ellifant Rainbow)

(Please click image to enlarge and view)

Illustration Friday Theme: Little Things
Title: L'ellifant Rainbow
Media: Digital art painting; stencilling technique with texture filters.
Category: Children's Art

This will be my very first entry to Illustration Friday, an image for the topic, "Little Things" ... one of my older digital paintings of L'ellifant, a baby elephant, playing in a tiny droplet of H20 is ultimately an essential little thing which is integrally related to a much greater body. The drop has the potential to merge and grow and become bigger and bigger and bigger things. As does play. As does the potential and miracle of one little life. Saying that reminds me of the Harry Nillson song, Think About Your Troubles from The Point!, which was an animated ABC Movie of the Week in 1971. Click on the hyperlink to watch the song clip on YouTube. The illustration and animation of The Point was very creative and innovative in its day.

So anyways, having browsed Illustration Friday over the past few years, I've finally decided to subscribe and participate whenever I can. Maybe it will help jumpstart my creative impulses. The digital painting is one of several personal works created on the L'ellifant theme.

I've also recently subscribed to Baren Forum for woodblock printmakers, as an artist aspiring to develop skills in that media.

...the L'ellifant paintings were done using a paint and stylus software program I used to have in the 90's, which I no longer have nor remember the name of. Usually when I paint and draw digitally, I use the mouse as my "stylus" with PSP, but I've not done any digital artwork for a few years. And I should take time to learn to use the PSP version I have now, although I want to concentrate on woodblock, drawing and painting...traditional media. - Debi

P.S. Click here to listen to The Moonbeam Song by Harry Nillson (on YouTube).


Nancy Bea said...

It's lovely!

my hermitude said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting, Nancy Bea. Your "Little Things" submission makes me realllly want a donut!

Forever Young said...

aha thought i didn't recognise your name from if. welcome,lovely pic.

my hermitude said...

Thanks for stopping by, forever young. Yes, I've just joined IF. I'm trying to get my art-mojo going strong :^D so I can do some serious work.