Thursday, January 17, 2008

Illustration Friday: Stitch (21st Century DesignSpeak)

SEW WHAT?! Stitch Trivia—in tbe realm of textile design, there is a little-known embroidery technique called the balloon stitch. While the decorative threadwork has never actually been known to embellish fashionable lighter-than-air circus poodles or inflated latex birthday hats, we think it pops.

Illustration Friday Theme: Stitch
Artist: Debra Woolard Bender
Title: 21st Century DesignSpeak
Medium: Digital
Materials: Paint Shop Pro; Drawn with mouse; Fonts: Mistral and Bauhaus
Category: Cartoon

mother says
something's wrong with my poetry—
perhaps it's me

DW Bender
untitled senryu

rev. 18/01/08


Marion said...

It's original and well done.

Larry Lee said...

I like this take on the topic. Especially, the pun on Balloon Stitch.
It's also nice to see a fellow Paint Shop Pro user.

Looking forward to future posts.

Debi Bender said...

Thanks marion & larry, for having a look and for the comments! It encourages me.